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CoffeeTime 0.99

Средство обновления bios Socket 1151 для процессоров Coffee Lake

v.0.99 (14.05.2021)
+ Added mod which inject support of 16-threaded CPUs for any bios. It's also includes fix of MflashPei module for MSI 100 bioses to allow starts 6-cores CPUs on it. Both methods provided by dsanke.
+ Corrected ACPI patch for MSI 100. It updates only part of important tables (GUIDS С118... and C38F...) to prevent bios crash. Research of this issue continues. 
+ Added "MSI Abnormal ME warning" fix, which removes this message on boot from MSI boards with disabled ME.
+ Added fix for Clevo Z370, which bypass automatic system shutdown when ME was disabled.
+ Added "Default RAM frequency" NVRAM setting. It allow to change RAM frequency for system boot and may provide better compatibility for 1440 CPUs with different RAM. Drop to defaults applies every time CMOS was cleared.
+ Removed "NVMe" and "ASUS 12T blocker" fixes, cause they no more needed using new 16t support method.
+ Microcodes of SKL/KBL/CFL updated to last EA revision.

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